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         Chennai dentist- revoultionay dentistry in vasan dental care centre. Today there is increasing awareness in chennai for oral health and its effect on general health. Dental clinic is the place where we deal with saliva and blood and there is more chances of spread of infection. Thats why cross infection control is of great importance in dentistry. It has become an utmost importance that each and every person before getting the treatment done in a dental clinic should check whether the instruments used are sterile according to the specifications.

With this in mind, we have started a multi speciality dental centre in chennai. Its named as vasan dental care centre in Dr.Radhakrishnan salai, Mylapore, chennai. Here, we deliver a high standard of dental care in world class level with strict cross infection control procedures. our aim is to do revolutionary dentristy without any compromise in standards guidelines, protocols and maintenance of the clinic.

Vasan dental care centre is equipped with state of the art dental equipments and managed by a team of highly qualified dentists in chennai. The centre is founded by Dr.A. Sathish vasan, a more dedicated dentist in chennai, committed to provide a standard and more relaxed dental treatment in chennai. He got trained in newzealand as a cosmetic dentist. He had attended many certified courses conducted by otago dental school, new zealand.

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